Saturday, 25 March 2017

Reading Together

Our online reading club for ladies is just about to start a new book - so now would be a great time to join! Would you like to read more? Do you have a growing pile of half finished books? Let us help you read a book from cover to cover! We read just a few chapters every couple of weeks and discuss each chapter on the blog - it's all private as the blog is only accessible to subscribers.
Our new book is Why the Reformation Still Matters by Michael Reeves & Tim Chester. This is a contemporary look at the importance of the doctrines underpinning the Reformation 500 years ago. Please click on the link to read more about the book (including a blog review), and contact me if you want to sign up to the reading club. Don't forget, reading club members get a discount!

Monday, 27 February 2017

Photography Competition

This is the time of year when we finalise our printing for next year's AV Block Calendar.  The texts have been chosen (a labour of love), typed up and proof read, and these are being printed as we speak. But the pictures for the calendar back need to be chosen ASAP and it is causing us a headache. Someone (can't think who?!) came up with the bright idea of a photography competition to help us choose a suitable picture.  So here goes...

What we need is:
A good quality photo, landscape in shape but not necessarily landscape in content (although landscapes are of course popular).
Preferably UK based.
Something colourful with some detail in the foreground as well as the background.
Something you wouldn't mind looking at all year!

What we don't want:
Dark dreary landscapes.
Cars - at least not modern cars with number plates that can be identified.
Churches - we get complaints about churches, sorry! We are non-conformists after all.

If we pick your picture:
Well Done!
Your name will credited on the calendar
You can take your pick of any book in the shop up to a value of £10
You receive a free calendar when it has been printed.

Here are some examples of pictures we have used in the past...

If you think you have anything we might be interested in please get in touch with .
Our deadline is next Monday 6th March.
We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

2000 years of Christ's Power - Offer Ending Soon

The long awaited 4th volume in the '2000 Years of Christ's Power' series is now available.  It covers the period 1560-1740: an era of great struggles, of war and theological controversy when there was conflict between traditions, and conflict within traditions. Dr Nick Needham, lecturer in Church History at Highland Theological College in Dingwall, covers Germany, England and Scotland, as well as issues affecting the Reformed Faith, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Quite an assortment!  

Don't miss out on this great offer - only available until the end of February

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Why the Reformation Still Matters

What is the legacy of the Reformation? The contention of this book is that, although it left its mark on history, the real impact of the Reformation was upon doctrine. And this is precisely the aspect of it which is in greatest danger of being overlooked as we enter upon 2017 - exactly 500 years since Martin Luther nailed up the 95 theses. In successive chapters, with a historian's analysis and a pastor's application, doctrines hammered out during that remarkable period of history such as on sin and justification, the church and the sacraments, as well as the Holy Spirit and everyday life are revisited. The Reformers' insights into scripture teaching prove invaluable to today's Christian, and as the authors sum up: 'The only way the Reformation could possibly not still matter would be if beauty, goodness, truth, joy and human flourishing no longer mattered. We have been made to enjoy God, but without the great truths the Reformers fought for that display him as glorious and enjoyable we shall not do so. Seeing less of him, we shall be lesser and sadder. Seeing more of him, we shall be fuller and happier.'
Why the Reformation Still Matters by Michael Reeves & Tim Chester, published by IVP, £9.99

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Mighty Weakness of John Knox

We can often feel like pygmys in comparison to 'the measure of the stature of Christ' that some in the past attained to. But a good thing about 'A Long Line of Godly Men Profile' series from Reformation Trust (attached to Ligonier Ministries) is that it is designed to inspire. It is not eulogy disguised as biography. The lives of men like John Knox are studied to see the grace that was with them, and to point to their God - the ever living God. Douglas Bond has chosen to focus helpfully upon what he terms 'the mighty weakness' of Knox. That is, he was not a man who left sins and infirmities behind when he was born again, proceeding from strength to strength in a victorious life. No, out of fear he at first even refused to preach; he endured frail health all his days (although once spending months as a French galley slave!); and he had low views of himself and did not seek prominence. However, he fervently desired that Christ might be magnified among his fellow countrymen, and in prayer and preaching he laboured to that end. 'Out of weakness he was made strong.' He resembled the apostle Paul: 'I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.' Bond turns the spotlight upon Knox's power in a series of chapters on his submission to Christ and his word, prayer, preaching, writing, keynote doctrine (predestination), and pastoral care. But a glimpse into the greatness of Knox's spirit is seen in his attribution of the wonderful success of the Scottish Reformation: 'God gave his Holy Spirit in great abundance to simple men.' Oh for more such men!

The Mighty Weakness of John Knox published by Reformation Trust is a £12.99 quality hardback with dustjacket.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Big Bible Answers

Who remembers A Catechism for Boys & Girls? This was one of its covers, but I think it is now out of print, (although I am double checking on that - anyone with any info please let me know).  It has been a popular catechism amongst Baptist churches over the years. Interestingly it has been used as the basis for a new series from Christian Focus Publications (although notably the questions on Baptism have been edited out - with permission!). 
 Big Bible Answers is a series that aims to bring doctrine and theology to children.  Using the questions from the catechism, Bible and real-life stories demonstrate each doctrinal truth. Scripture references and 'Talking it over' points are added at the end of each story. For example, we learn about Galileo's astronomical discoveries in considering God the creator, we hear about the prophets of Baal and Elijah in learning about the one true God and Patrick of Ireland is used to teach us about prayer.

This looks like it could be a useful series and I particularly like the foreword:

As parents one of our greatest concerns is the spiritual condition of the hearts of our children...
...What parents need most is a deep realization that salvation is a supernatural work of God through the hearing and application of the Word, not a work of us as parents per se. For this reason, the salvation of our children must not be the goal of parenting but rather our desire given over to the will and purposes of God. What parents need next is to fix their hearts on the goal of faithfulness to God, for the glory of God. The chief end of parenting is to glorify God by doing what He has asked us to do as parents: be faithful to bring to our children His love and care, our changed lives, and above all, His Truth, both taught and practically applied

Saturday, 8 October 2016

New Titles, Christmas Cards & 2017 Calendars

For anyone who hasn't received our recent eBulletin, you can have a read of it here.  Check out our newest titles, browse our Christmas cards & find out about out how to sponsor a calendar for free distribution in Zambia. It's all happening!