Monday, 15 September 2014

AV Block Calendar 2015

Showing both sides of the calendar back (these are NOT two separate calendars)

We have taken delivery of our daily tear-off block calendar for 2015.  As ever it has personally chosen texts from the Authorised (KJV) Version of the Bible.  These are clear and bold for easy reading at a distance and/or for the partially sighted and elderly.  The block can be attached to whichever side of the calendar back is preferred, and then it has a hanging ribbon for placement in the most eye catching location.  Price is £7.25 plus £2.50 postage, as it was last year.  There were occasional printing errors in a small batch of the calendars last year, for which we apologise and have made every effort to make sure does not recur this time around.

Buy it now!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mission Matters

Kieran Beville deserves thanks for the vigour with which he distinguishes between mission and evangelism. It is all too little understood today. I quote from his new book:
Mission Matters
Some Christians want to define mission as evangelism because this is their limited theological understanding of mission.  Others are in situations that are geared toward evangelism and 'change' is just too much to think about.  Many feel that evangelism will be diluted in a wider mission agenda.  Largely, in the West (though not exclusively so) the evangelical church is oriented toward evangelism, and mission in broader terms is just too daunting to contemplate.  It is difficult to get these kind of churches to consider mission because as far as they are concerned their members already have enough commitments in attending church on Sundays, the mid-week prayer meeting and Bible study, teaching in Sunday school, leading worship, preaching and outreach (usually defined as sharing the message of the gospel and distributing literature that shows the way of salvation). This is essential and vital work and must be continued but it must not be either evangelism or mission rather it must be mission with evangelism at its core ... In a sense it is not only about doing mission but being mission.  Mission is not the raison d'etre of the church.  But the church is a community that bears witness to God's glorious grace made manifest in a new order.  Mission, in this sense, demonstrates what it means in practice to be a people of integrity, peace and hope in a world that is corrupt, distressed and despairing. Part of the church's mission is to bear testimony to the practical reality of God's unmerited grace by being a people who exercise forgiveness and looking out for the needs of others in the family of God by sharing the resources God has given. (pp 150 - 151).
NB. This does not amount to an enthusiastic endorsement of the book as a whole - it is a very mixed bag - but it just landed on my desk today.
'Mission Matters. Essays on the Theory, Practice and Contexts of Mission.' Published by EP Books p/b £10.99.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Hostage Lands - Douglas Bond

Oops, we haven't blogged for a month - sorry folks! Just thought I would sneak a post into August by mentioning a book I re-read last week.
A couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend staying up in Northumberland near Hadrian's Wall and it reminded me of a fab book I read a few years ago. Hostage Lands is a historical fiction book written by Douglas Bond about a schoolboy in modern day England who struggles with his Latin lessons at school. Living alongside Hadrian's Wall does nothing to encourage his interest in the language that would once have been used in the area. Until that is, he finds a set of Roman tablets detailing (in Latin) a story of treachery, betrayal and warring allegiances between a Roman Centurion, an Auxiliary and a Celtic tribe.  So much can be learnt from the book about the ways of the Romans, the Celts and the area, plus most importantly the Christian faith of the Auxiliary which shines through in his walk and character.  I highly recommend visiting the area too - it makes it all so much more real when the places you visit like Haltwhistle or Vindolanda are mentioned in the book.
You can find out more about the book on Douglas Bond's website and even read a sample chapter.
In this Heroes & History series Douglas Bond has also written Hand of Vengeance an Anglo-Saxon story every bit as engaging as Hostage Lands.
Hostage Lands by Douglas Bond, £7.99, published by P & R

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How Can I Know For Sure?

David B Garner out of the Westminster Theological Seminary stable has written a little gem of an Apologetic. It is short and sweet. Step by step it progresses from the uncertainty associated with human reason to the certainty of God's revelation. He concludes that the answer to life's big questions must not come from us, but come to us. Philosophy proves nothing and, searchingly, 'at the end of the day there is the end of the day.' Garner touches on the place and importance of the general revelation of God in creation before coming onto the Bible, with God as its source. He briefly sets out its unique claims and internal evidences as the source of truth, but immediately and boldly asserts that this will never be capable of convincing anyone, not because it is not persuasive, but because man is blind - unable to accept divine truth. The work of the Holy Spirit in us, shining, and applying scripture powerfully is dwelt upon in a profitable and pleasing way by Garner at this point. He shows that God's purposes in revealing himself are sovereign and gracious. There are apposite quotes from Calvin and Zwingli.
I dare to think this to be a better booklet to read on ultimate questions than 'Ultimate Questions'! Blanchard's booklet may be said to aim for a response from people, but this is more faithful to their souls and doesn't deceptively 'leave the ball in their court.'
This is the latest in the 'Christian Answers to Hard Questions' series, by P & R Publishing and costs £3.99.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hannah Dunnett

'Christian' greetings cards - some people love them, some hate them.  We sell lots of greetings cards and because we are a Christian Bookshop they all have scripture texts in them.  Amazingly, although we don't showcase our greetings cards on our website, we still manage to sell a lot of them by mail order (mainly older folk who can't get to a shop and know we are willing to sit on the phone describing cards in detail and reading out the contents so they can make an informed choice!)
Last year we took on a new range of cards painted by artist Hannah Dunnett and these have been so popular I just had to get some pictures on here so a wider audience can see them... (click on each picture to be able to read the words clearly)

People buy these for all occasions, as gifts to go in a frame, or they order the poster sized prints from us. We can also get journals with these fantastic designs on.  Have a look at Hannah's website to see the full range.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Afterwards I Knew by Christine Farenhorst #ChristianFocus

With the centenary of World War 1 there has been a lot of renewed interest in books on the war.  Here is a short review I wrote back in 2010 when this particular book first came out...

I enjoyed this book. A collection of short stories, fictional but based around historical events and facts, they are gripping and each carry a subtle spiritual message. Often the stories finish abruptly or on a cliffhanger leaving you to contemplate what might have been and leading you to reflect on the underlying spiritual implications. The book is aimed at 13+yr olds - I think I come into that category!
Afterwards I Knew: Short Stories from the First and Second World Wars by Christine Farenhorst, published by Christian Focus Publications, £5.99.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

None But Jesus #Flavel

It is as hard for some to look upon other men's gifts without envy, as it is to look upon their own without pride.
How soon would faith freeze without a cross? Bear your cross therefore with joy.
Oh when will you  learn the vanity of self-dependence?
How complete and perfect a cure is Christ!

Just a few quotes from the new None But Jesus in the Pocket Puritans series.  This little book is full of rich and thought-provoking quotes from the writings of John Flavel. Published by Banner of Truth, £3.25.