Monday, 7 January 2019

New Opening Times and our New Year Offer

We're making changes to our opening times this year.  We will now be closed on Wednesdays, but don't worry, the ansaphone is always on and of course the website is available 24/7!

To kick off 2019 we have a brilliant offer on all Inheritance Publications. Inheritance are particularly well known for their range of sound reformed historical fiction but we do also stock some of their non-fiction titles too. Have a look here... Inheritance Publications. If you want to take advantage of our offer use the code INH25 at the checkout to get your 25% discount.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year

Today marks 36 years since this shop first opened its doors! We are thankful that the Lord has seen fit to continue this small business as a Christian witness both in our local town and worldwide. We step out into 2019 praying that we will be given the strength and wisdom to carry on this faithful witness and that the Lord would bless it to the spiritual profit of many.
If you are happy to hear from us regularly with our news and special offers please sign up via the subscription form on our website home page. Thanks!

Monday, 24 December 2018

Season's Greetings

Thank you all for your custom during 2018.  As a small independent bookshop we appreciate each and every customer.  We are taking a break over the Christmas season to recharge, but will look forward to serving you again throughout 2019, God willing.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Therefore I Have Hope

How would you respond if the worst thing you could ever imagine happened? Or are you already living through your worst fears? This book is written by Cameron Cole, a father whose son died suddenly at the age of 3 years. He and his family were immediately plunged into their worst fear. How do you respond to the death of your nearest and dearest? Here Cole writes about the Biblical truths that sustained him throughout this time and continue to form his 'narrative of hope'. Although written from a perspective of bereavement, there is much here to feed the soul of any suffering believer. It is a book full of hope, a hope that can only be truly found in Christ, and this is where Cole directs our attention.  His own story is used to illustrate but not overshadow the Biblical lessons.  He is honest about his failings and open about the lessons learnt. He writes of grace given only as needed, of a desperate clinging to the basic gospel truths, of a faltering faith that cries out in doubt and confusion to a long-suffering and loving God. But he also speaks of the great comforts found in the Scriptures, the peace found in a total dependence on a sovereign God, the empathy found in the God-Man Jesus Christ, and the very real presence of a God who has promised to never forsake his people.
Helpfully, Cole is also very practical about difficult situations that can arise with friends, colleagues and the Church family during suffering times.  He writes of bitterness and sin, but also of service and joy.
My only word of caution is regarding the final chapter on heaven - there is perhaps too much imagination used over the unrevealed details of this glorious place. Regardless of this, there is much in this book to comfort a world-weary soul. The honesty is raw and hard to read at times, but powerful in its testimony to the sustaining grace of our omnipotent God.
Therefore I have hope by Cameron Cole, published by Crossway, £10.99

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Is it too early to talk Christmas?

So, dare we mention Christmas? We hate to do it too early, but seeing that we have boxes and boxes of Christmas cards and 2019 calendars clogging up our workspace we feel bound to suggest that perhaps now might be the time to start thinking about it! It would really help us move around the office & shop more easily 😉.

So here we have it - all the Christmas cards are listed on our website here...
Christmas Cards

All the 2019 calendars and Diaries are listed here...
Calendars & Diaries

And we even have some gorgeous handmade crafts that would make perfect presents (as well as the 1000's of book choices of course!)
Handmade Crafts & Cards

Enjoy browsing the site and if you have any queries, please get in touch.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Summer shop news...

Summer has been busy with all the usual summer craziness, plus the sun (which is always a bonus!). We have loved receiving lots of really enthusiastic reviews for the books on our Summer Reading Challenge and our Wall of Fame in the shop is filling up nicely:

Our big intake of Inheritance Publications stock has been gradually added to the website, so keep checking the site and hopefully you will see the list growing each time you check back. You may wonder why this is taking so long, but many of these books are so fascinating that we just find ourselves reading them (one of the perks of the job!) and it tends to extend the time involved in listing them (!). We have just received another mini-review of one of the books (Stefan Derksen's Polar Adventure) which we quote below to whet your appetite:

It’s 1675 and 12 year old Stefan has found himself aboard the ‘Sea Dragon’ whaling ship. Sailing is in his blood! Stefan’s father, Otto Derksen had departed Harlingen, the Netherlands, in 1671, as 1st mate on the ‘North Star’ whaling ship. Otto never returned. And Stefan’s mother refuses to hear any more about his sailing desires. Instead she accepts an apparently cordial offer from a distant cousin to teach Stefan the shoemaking trade.
And yet as providence would have it, Stefan’s time with his cruel cobbler uncle leads him to run away, and Stefan navigates his way to Amsterdam. Mercifully, he bumps into an old acquaintance of his fathers who secures him board on the ‘Sea Dragon’. Stefan is a fast learner and shows promise of becoming an accomplished sailor. However life on board a whaling ship is full of hard, back-breaking work and fraught with dangers - not least the ever-changing elements. Stefan lurches from one adventure to another as they encounter storms, and calms; icebergs and polar bear attacks.
As the small whaling boats are sent from the mother ship in order to undertake the dangerous task of snaring whales, the boat Stefan is in becomes lost in the fog. Stefan and the five other sailors with him now face the hardest challenge of their lives. Survival! Survival in the treacherous, remote, unforgiving sea off the east coast of Greenland. Stefan’s feats are breath-taking, including  swimming in the freezing ocean to pull his fellow ship-wrecked sailors to land. They are stranded on an ice floe!
The men have to rely on their instincts to survive, hunting seals to assuage their gnawing hunger, finding shelter and ingenious ways to keep warm. All this in the face of Greenland’s approaching winter.
This truly is a fascinating and compelling read. Stefan and his sailor friends continue to pray and trust that the Lord will bring them through, even in the face of extreme adversity. They sing psalms to lift their spirits, and are finally brought to praise God for his remarkable deliverance. 

And in other news... the AV Calendar for 2019 has arrived, we can't resist showing you a sneak peak because it has a contemporary new look...

We are busy adding screws and bolts to the blocks and ribbon to the backs so they are not quite ready for sending out yet but we are happy to take orders from now.
Keep in touch!

Monday, 16 July 2018

Summer Reading Challenge

Our Summer Reading Challenge is back! This year we have aimed to include some books that are as suitable for adults as for children. The challenge runs throughout the summer months and ends in early September. Start whenever you are ready and just click here to check out all the available books and make your first choice. You will get 25% off your first choice, then once you have reviewed it for us you can pick your second book and receive 40% off! Once we have your review of your second book you can pick your third book absolutely FREE!
Keep up to date with us on our social media sites to see how everyone else is getting on with the Challenge, we will be keeping a 'Wall of Fame' in the shop with news and reviews!