Saturday 29 January 2022

Happy New Year

We're a little late with our greetings, but we do indeed wish you all the best for the coming months of 2022!

First up this year we have a couple of key titles that we want to highlight to you... they will challenge you to consider the subtle lies that our society is becoming immersed in and how to stand up to these lies with the absolute truths of the Bible. 

Sharon James has written The Lies we are Told, the Truth we Must Hold to show us the dangers of current cultural worldviews and to emphasize that we should not be intimidated by the claims of those who are militantly opposed to the Bible. In a companion volume How Christianity Transformed the World, Sharon has written a helpful historical overview of how Christianity has underpinned our society throughout the ages. Indeed Biblical truths of human worth and freedom have shaped our systems of healthcare, education, justice and more.

We are pleased to be able to offer both these books at a great discount for a limited time. Buy one of them, or get an even better deal on both of them... click here for the details.

The cover of the book The Lies we are Told, the Truth we Must Hold, with a red price sticker showing £6The cover of the book How Christianity Transformed the World and a red price sticker showing £6

A purple image with two books showing a red price sticker with a combined price of £10

To see an interview Sharon gave about her book The Lies we are Told, the Truth we must Hold, please click here

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