Tuesday 19 June 2007

'Divine Energy' by John Skepp

Our blog has got bogged down! Busily trying to get things straight in advance of our holiday next week. But I just had to broadcast news of this latest book in from the States. Until republished by Baptist Standard Bearer it had been as easy to get hold of as snow in the Sahara. The author was looked up to by no less a man than John Gill, who gave it a recommendatory preface. It was first printed in 1722, and was the only thing that John Skepp wrote. He focusses in on Ephesians 1 v 19 in strongly giving emphasis to the power and priority of God in saving sinners. It is subtitled 'The efficacious operations of the Spirit of God upon the soul of man, in his effectual calling and conversion'. This may be a mouthful, but in fact Skepp reads more easily than Gill in my opinion. However this isn't a review - yet (as I haven't finished reading it). A minor adverse comment is as to who would design such an abominable cover as this one? I won't even display it here for fear of scaring the faint-hearted and children! But still don't let it put you off.

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