Wednesday 2 July 2008

Caleb's Lamb

Christian fiction for children - I have mixed views on it. Often it incorporates a poor storyline with an 'in your face' Christian message that is doctrinally dubious. Caleb's Lamb is different (as is most of the Christian fiction that we stock I hasten to add!) Truly historical fiction, this book centres around a Hebrew shepherd boy at the time of the Israelite slavery in Egypt. It is reverent and biblically accurate in its detailing of the plagues and the role of Moses in leading them out of Egyptian bondage. But the main thrust of the story is Substitution. The death of one for the life of another. And the storyline is so gripping it cannot fail to move and drive home this principle. The applying of this message to New Testament times and the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ is not mentioned and in my opinion is well omitted. It leaves the stage open then to the adult who can discuss and apply as appropriate for each child.
Caleb's Lamb by Helen Santos published by Reformation Heritage Books

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