Friday 26 September 2008

How to handle your life...

This is a nice little book just published by Christian Focus Publications. I am always happy to recommend Carine Mackenzie and find her children's books very reverent and biblically accurate. This book has 52 short chapters each using events from daily life to illustrate Bible truths. For example, one chapter describes a mountain walk and a blind man being led by his friend, Carine applies this to our need to trust in our heavenly guide during life's journey. Written for 6-11yr olds with Bible word searches and quizzes this could be adapted and used in many ways; personal daily devotions, family devotions, even short talks for children's groups.
My only hesitation is that as I read this book I sense that Carine is writing for children within the Covenant (as Presbyterians understand it). But this is subtle, Carine does not necessarily assume that the chidren are believers. Perhaps this may mean that some adaptation is required if used within children's groups with non-Christian backgrounds.
Having said that, I am still going to recommend this book as a useful addition to any tweenagers bookshelf as long as it is 'handled with care'.

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