Friday 27 March 2009

God's Light on Dark Clouds

This book has been flying off the shelf ever since it received a very positive review in the Gospel Standard Magazine this month. Many of our customers have bought a copy, and after reading it have come back to buy more copies for their friends.
Originally published in 1882, the author Theodore Cuyler had just lost a 21 yr old daughter. Fourteen years previously he had lost 2 of his children in infancy. Although he wrote as a bereaved parent his aim was to fulfil 2 Corinthians 1:4 'to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we are comforted of God'. This means that his writings have proved a comfort not only to the bereaved, but also to others who are walking a path of suffering and difficulty.
I have only 'dipped' into this book but each time I have opened to a page I have found food for thought. It is small and easily read, but deserves slow and careful reading. It directs the heart to Christ for comfort.
I have been torn in choosing a taster, but here is one, taken from the tenth chapter 'The Everlasting Arms':

"One great purpose in all affliction is to bring us down to the everlasting arms. What new strength and peace it gives us to feel them underneath us! We know that, far as we may have sunk, we cannot go any farther. Those mighty arms can not only hold us, they can lift us up. They can carry us along. Faith, in its essence, is simply a resting on the everlasting arms. It is trusting them, and not our own weakness. The sublime act of Jesus as our Redeemer was to descend to the lowest depths of human depravity and guilt, and to bring up his redeemed ones from that horrible pit in his loving arms. Faith is just the clinging to those arms, and nothing more."

God's Light on Dark Clouds by Theodore L Cuyler, published by Banner of Truth, £5


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Dawn Philpott said...

I agree Lorna, it does contain 'food for thought' in each chapter. I am finding it a very good book, also with its simple text its a good one that can always be used as an alternative to a daily portion.
Definitely recommend it to people in all walks.