Friday 26 June 2009


Recognise this?
Over the years we have had quite a few customers ringing asking about Ferdinand. This little story about a train called Ferdinand who struggles with doing what he is told and staying on the rails, aims to teach young children the great truths of sin and salvation. It was written episode by episode as the author Ann Benton taught her own children around the breakfast table. A song was also devised to impress these truths upon these young minds. Our customers usually remember having this on in the car as children and now they are looking for it so that they can use it with their own children. Look no further! Christian Focus Publications have recently reprinted the storybook with the full text of the story (and new illustrations) and the song (including written music). They were unable however, to reproduce the CD because of copyright issues. But knowing that the music really makes the book we have obtained copies of the CD directly from the author so that we can still offer the book and CD as a set.
The new book costs £4.99 and the CD individually would be £2.50, but if purchased together the set costs £6.50.

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How do I order the book and CD please?