Monday 14 September 2009

Up and Running

We got the shop back up and running last week and feel like we have finally entered the 20th Century (if not the 21st!) with hot running water on the premises and a heating system that should keep the chilblains at bay this winter. Various workmen are still lurking around doing smaller jobs, but we are planning to ignore them as much as possible and do not anticipate any further interruptions to the shop.
September has got off to a flying start which we hope will continue through to the New Year. Last week we were able to put another face to a name when one of our customers drove up from South London to visit the shop. I'm not sure there are many people out there who will drive 3 hours to go to a bookshop then drive 3 hours straight back home again! Good on you Anne! We enjoyed meeting you (even if the dinner did get burnt because of the unplanned late opening!) In all seriousness it is always great to meet our 'mail-order' customers who call in while on holiday 'up North' or just on a day trip. We are quite happy to open earlier or stay open later if needs be - just phone and let us know your plans.
We look forward to seeing you!

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