Thursday 29 October 2009

Busy Reading...

Yes, I've been reading! I know that shouldn't be too unusual for a bookshop manager, but thanks to a few bugs kindly being passed around the family, I seem to have had a bit more 'down time' than usual and therefore more time to read. I've been working my way through the children's section - not necessarily an indication of my current mental level, but purely to make sure I am well genned-up on this section before November comes. November is our month for offers on children's books, which includes some late night openings and this year it even includes a local Christian school bringing a group of children to the shop for their English Literature trip!

I can't resist a plug here for one of the fiction books I have read this week... Guilty Verdict by Rosalie Battye. Rosalie is a self published author whose books are not well known (but should be). This book is a typical 'Famous Five' type story. A group of children determined to solve a crime get themselves into a spot of bother with the criminals but somehow still solve the mystery! Within the storyline the relativism of postmodernism is contrasted with the absolute truth of christianity (not in those terms - it might put the children off!). There are clear moral guidelines and the religious content is sound. At only £2.50 this book is a must for any children who like a good detective story.

So, put in a note in your diary. November 9th to November 14th is the week to remember. Buy 3 children's books during this week and you will only need to pay for 2 of them. The whole of the children's section will be '3 for 2'. If you are local, we are opening late on the Monday and Thursday (9th and 12th). These are officially 'Ladies nights' but blokes won't be turned away! Past years have proved these evening events to be popular - relax and talk books over a slab of cake and cuppa - we will be open from 7pm 'til late. How late depends on how much we get nattering, but beyond 10pm would not be unusual.
Now then, I must get back to 'Jungle Doctor'...

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Rachel March said...

I really enjoyed this too, fantastic fun - and thoroughly Christian, exactly what I want my children to read.