Saturday 27 November 2010

104 books per year?

I just saw an interview with Mariella Frostrup (broadcaster & journalist) and am amazed that she reads 104 books per year. Okay, so it's her job, but still pretty impressive.  Perhaps I should aim for the same... at 2 books a week, it will only take me 38 years to get through our current stock list of nearly 4000 books. Of course, that's assuming that we don't add any new books to the list in that time.  If however we add around 300 new titles a year as we have this year, even assuming an average of 50 titles a year going out of print, it looks like I will never meet my target of reading all the books in the shop.  
So, I apologise now if when you contact us I am unable to fully advise on every title in the shop.  Sometimes I just have to admit... I haven't actually read them all. 

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