Thursday 20 January 2011

White Monday

January 17th was Black Monday.  So we decided to paint this week white!  The whole of our office and storeroom is being covered in brilliant white - the first time for many years. The grubby walls have been crying out for a coat of paint, and we have echoed them.  I took a photo today of the state of the office as we moved furniture to make space for our extremely hardworking and highly to be recommended decorator.  Some might say that it doesn't look a lot different than normal...but don't believe them - Lorna's not at her desk!  We can't promise business as usual, but we are still taking orders and dealing with them as best we can.  Please bear with us.  All being well Friday should herald a return to normal service.  I hope so because I'm stuck up in the packing room with a laptop!
Anyway out with the old and in with the New Year.  Any suggestions for the artwork we could put on the walls of our new gallery??

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