Monday 19 September 2011

Dealing With Depression

Books on depression depress me, as I often facetiously remark.  Firstly, as a bookshop manager deciding what to stock, there is too much choice on this subject.  The 'Christian Life' section could be chock full of them! Secondly, and more seriously, I actually find them disturbing to read.  They draw out depressive tendencies, and poor old Lorna has to bear the brunt of a storm of self analysis...
The reason for stocking this book is that the read is neither too complex nor too long.  It arose out of a series of seminars in which the two authors brought their different skills together (medical and social sciences) to address a problem they felt was far too overlooked amongst Christians.  You will not be blinded with science here - the book helpfully gives a guide to further reading on the subject, along with details of some useful internet resources.  So, with a lot of the 'heavy' material handled like that, it leaves the book just about right for both sufferers and helpers of this terrible affliction.  It is shocking to learn that depression is now the third most common reason to consult a GP in the UK.  This 'black dog', as Winston Churchill called it, is not of necessity a spiritual malady, but neither can it be rightly considered outside of a biblical framework.  That balance is struck here and brief, constructive lessons are brought out from the Psalms and other places in the Bible where the sovereignty, wisdom and care of God is displayed.  Another feature of the book is that at the end of each chapter there is a feature piece about different people's own experiences.  This culminates with an extended testimony from the well known Yorkshire based evangelist Roger Carswell.
Overall, 'Dealing with Depression' by Sarah Collins & Jayne Haynes is a great little book.  It has just been published by Christian Focus Publications at a price of £4.99.  We are currently running an offer on it for £3.50.

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