Monday 21 November 2011

A Reformed Publisher?

I don't like doing bad reviews and I really don't like to totally slate a publisher or author but... Two new children's books recently came in from a well known publisher, a reformed publisher, one which states that it is committed to being faithful to God's inerrant, infallible Word.  One I can trust to produce Biblically sound books within a reformed framework then? I was sadly disappointed.
Some may call me 'hyper' (those that want to will know what I mean), but since when has 'free-will' been part of TULIP?  Since when have Calvinists encouraged 'Decisionism'?  I'm sorry, but a storyline that encourages the main character to 'make a decision' about being a Christian or even to 'pray a prayer' to become a Christian strikes me as being decidedly Arminian.
I don't particularly want to 'Name & Shame', but I am interested to know how books like this can pass through a reformed editorial team and be deemed as suitable for publication.  Perhaps I am too straightlaced for many, but where are the standards?  If you are a Calvinist, stand up for the 5 Points.  Why should we accept watered down theology, and certainly let's not put this in the hands of innocent children.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see at least one Reformed bookshop standing up for what it claims to believe. Any other shops going to nail their colours to the mast?