Monday 16 January 2012

Our New Ventures

One end of the technological spectrum to the other - old books and eBooks.  These are the new areas that we are moving into, as you will see on the latest version of our website.  We have taken on most of the secondhand / antiquarian books formerly held by Zoar Books, which ceased trading in September 2011.  Extensive sifting and cataloguing is underway, and the current booklist is now available to search on a secured spreadsheet, which opens from our homepage.  So add the website to your favourites to include in your book searches.  At present you cannot order secondhand books directly from the website, but just drop us an email or phone us about them. There are about 2800 to go at - and counting!
A fast developing sector, although still in its infancy, is eBooks.  We have decided to enter with caution.  Christian Focus Publications have been particularly supportive, and we can offer the eBooks they have available.  Also our own distributed titles will increasingly feature, all being well.  They are in PDF format at the moment, and you will notice that A.B. Hoblyn's tracts are FREE!  We aim to add to the eBook range to bring together some really sound and profitable material in one place.  These are exciting times, and we've only just started!

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