Saturday 28 April 2012

Reflections on the New Focus Conference 2012

I've only just caught my breath after last weekend's conference.  Sales were very good, and it was particularly thrilling to have such enthusiastic and discerning purchasers.  Our choice selection of secondhand books went down well - something to bear in mind for future events.  I just don't know of another conference in the UK where, for instance, Gill's 'Cause of God and Truth' and 'Body of Divinity' would sell.  Shame on us!  There seems to have been some shameful propaganda aimed against the conference as well, with people being warned against attending.  But the folk of Beds and Herts who stayed away missed some good gospel ministry.  I thought Allan Jellett, pastor of the host - Knebworth Grace Church was excellent.  You can hear him on  Don Fortner was just, well, Don... 
The hospitality with a hot dinner included was fantastic.  And so a long Saturday, up at 5am and back at midnight, was well rewarded with satisfaction both in body and soul.

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