Wednesday 30 January 2013


Our online reading club is racing through its current book 'The Bruised Reed' by Richard Sibbes.  In chapter 7 'Help for the Weak', Sibbes has encouragements for us to pray...
A Christian complains he cannot pray. 'Oh, I am troubled with so many distracting thoughts, and never more than now!' But has he put into your heart a desire to pray? Then he will hear the desires of his own Spirit in you. God can pick sense out of a confused prayer.  These desires cry louder in his ears than your sins. 'Oh, but is it possible', thinks the misgiving heart, 'that so holy a God should accept such a prayer?' Yes, he will accept that which is his own, and pardon that which is ours.  There is never a holy sigh, never a tear we shed, which is lost.  By prayer we learn to pray.

If you fancy joining the club (ladies only), please let me know.

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