Wednesday 6 March 2013

Mother's Day

Hands up who's forgotten Mother's Day! Don't worry, it may only be 4 days away (yes, 10th March) but there is still time for us to get great books to your Mum - we will even gift wrap and send them direct if you wish.
I think the definition of a great book is very subjective - Jeremy assures me that Mums don't want to read books about being a Mum on Mother's Day because it's too depressing when they realise they are doing it all wrong, so I will try to steer clear of them in my recommendations!

Ann Judson: Missionary Wife - Corner Pillar PressBiographies are always a good read, here's one you probably won't find in another bookshop - Ann Judson, Missionary Wife reprinted from volume 1 of 'The Lives of the Three Mrs Judsons' by Arabella Stuart. This edition has been revised, edited & expanded by Corner Pillar Press and is a fascinating read of a devoted wife & missionary.
Renee of France - Evangelical PressOtherwise the newest biography on our shelves is in the Bitesize Biography series & written by an excellent author Simonetta Carr, it is about Renee of France - have a read of the review on our site & see what you think.

Devotionals are another option, Lydia Brownback has written a series called On-the-Go Devotionals for women, which are easy to read & Christ centred.

Let me know what sort of book your Mum would like as a present & we will do our best to recommend a title. We can add in a Mother's Day card too!

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