Saturday 13 April 2013

Easter Activity Mornings

We have had a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks with our Activity Mornings.  It is great to see a busy bookshop - over 50 children came in over the 2 mornings - and to encourage crafts about all things books!  We did papermaking, bookbinding, paper marbling, treasure quests and lots more.  I can't resist sharing this with you which was written by one of the children in response to the question 'At night when the shop is shut, the books...'
"At night when the shop is shut, the books open up for the characters, who are trapped inside, so they can have their freedom.  They tiptoe around the shop, not making a single sound, whilst they are dancing and trying to enjoy their short time, before they have to jump back in their book.
Characters from children's books are more energetic than ones from adult books.  They love the night-time, because it is their only precious hours when they are released from their prison-like cell inside the book.  The adults are much more cautious of stepping out into the outside world, having more knowledge of the dangers which could occur.
All of the characters had gathered in one area (under a table) to keep them safe from us. The great Apostle Paul was at the front reading from his own book of the Bible - Acts.  Nobody moved - they were mesmerized at the amazing word of God for maybe the last time - they didn't know what was to happen to them next...
Suddenly the sound of huge footprints could be heard in the distance.  All the characters jumped back into their books. Snap! And they were gone for another year..."
If you want to see more pics of the fun we had, check out our album on facebook (you don't need to be on facebook to view them).

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