Monday 4 November 2013

Too Much Grace?

Earlier this year I read 'Christ in the Chaos' by Kimm Crandall and loved it.  A few months later I read 'Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in your Home' by Gloria Furman and really enjoyed that too. I still stand by these reviews and consider these to have both been helpful books but I now have another 3 or 4 books sitting on my bedside table all dealing with the struggles women can face in the home and the need to rely on grace.  I have scanned only one of them and have started to feel uneasy.  As I commented recently to a friend, there are so many of these books being published now it starts to feel a little like grace is becoming an excuse for licentiousness (i.e. don't worry about shouting at your kids/having a messy house/arguing with your husband, grace covers all your failings, just hear how bad I am...).
Interestingly I have now come across a blogger who has written about many of the same concerns that I have felt but been unable to clearly express.  These concerns are expressed as part of a book review (a book I have not heard of or read) and although I don't agree with all his points a lot of what he writes is helpful. Have a read...
(some of the comments on the post are also interesting)

Grace is not a new (or dare I say American) invention.  Grace is infinite.  Everyone knows Newton's famous hymn 'Amazing Grace! (how sweet the sound!), That saved a wretch like me...'.  In my (ancient) hymnbook, Newton shares a page with 3 other hymnwriters and each has something precious to say about grace:
(click on the picture and it will enlarge big enough to read)
I'm not wanting to suggest that all books on this topic should be banned(!)  But perhaps we need to be careful that we do not, by over-using the term grace, begin to think too lightly of it.
By the way, the book that has jumped to the top of my pile has just been recommended by Jeremy 'The Perfect Law of Liberty' by William Gadsby.

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