Thursday 6 February 2014

John Newton + Barbara Duguid = Extravagant Grace!

I didn't get what I expected when I opened this book to scan its pages! I was pleasantly surprised and found myself being drawn again and again to it. Written by Barbara Duguid and subtitled 'God's Glory Displayed in Our Weakness' it takes a look at John Newton's writings on sin, grace and sanctification. To quote the author's preface, "This eighteenth-century pastor outlined a theology of sinful failure that humbles weak sinners, magnifies the finished work of Jesus Christ, and comforts people who just can't seem to stop sinning by pointing them to Christ in their worst moments of defeat".  Barbara weaves contemporary examples throughout whilst outlining and explaining John Newton's theology. As with most books, there were some parts that I skipped through but many sections of it were excellent: thought provoking and humbling. I have certainly finished it with an appetite to read more of John Newton's works.
To read a full and fair review see the Reformed Reader blog.
Extravagant Grace by Barbara Duguid, published by P & R, £9.99

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