Wednesday 16 April 2014

A Bruised Reed

Subtitled 'One Christian's Journey Through Depression', this is an honest account of the depths that can be plumbed in the suffering of depression.  A quick read at only 72 pages this book really packs a punch in informing the reader about some of the thoughts and feelings of one who is suffering from depression, and the ways in which they can be supported and encouraged during this difficult time. Continually the author points us to Scripture, he suggests scriptures that are helpful to the sufferer, some to uplift, others to admonish wrong thinking.  He addresses the issues of self-preoccupation, pride, guilt, anxiety, thankfulness, accountability, worship, love and more. My feeling is that this book will be particularly helpful to carers and friends of the sufferer as it gives a powerful insight into depression from the point of view of one who has suffered. I especially liked the emphasis on the support of the Church family towards a depressed fellow believer.
Practical and biblical, as well as short and snappy, this book comes highly recommended.
A Bruised Reed by Phil Cottrell, published by Evangelical Press, £4.99

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