Saturday 7 February 2015

Growing up God's Way #EPBooks

Published back in 2013 these 2 books fill what was a huge gap in the market, certainly in our shop. Written by two paediatricians they are down to earth and God-honouring.  They are written with just enough detail for pre-pubescent children including pictures and diagrams, but most importantly, a clear focus on our need to view all things through the lens of the Bible. A brief introduction firstly addresses some of the natural fears of children facing puberty and gently explains why our bodies need to change and develop.  We then learn about the biblical view of marriage and the traditional roles of men and women, physical changes, physical intimacy, emotional changes, going out and preparing for the future. In each book, there is some less detailed information given about the physical changes in the opposite sex.  The books are serious but easy to read, so that they can be read with the child, or left to be read alone.
Highly Recommended!

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