Thursday 23 April 2015

Reading Together - our online ladies reading club

The time has come for our ladies online reading club to start a new book so I am canvassing for new members (you can tell an election's coming!).  We are starting on Krummacher, the well known F W Krummacher who wrote the popular books 'Elijah the Tishbite', 'Elisha a Prophet for our Times' and 'The Suffering Saviour'.  The book we have chosen is not so well known - 'Christ and His People' is an exposition of  Christ's life and the beginnings of his Church here on earth.  Krummacher writes in his typically colourful and highly devotional style and there is much thought provoking application. Anyone ladies keen to read something that might be a bit tougher than most books they would naturally pick up, with gentle support and encouragement along the way should get in touch with me.  The online reading club is run as a member's only blog, our members vary from old to young (it's all relative!) and are spread around the world so don't think you won't fit in - we would love to have new members, it all helps add to the discussions!

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