Wednesday 7 September 2016

Reading Together - our virtual reading club

Our virtual reading club has now been running for six years! Wow! I trust it has encouraged some ladies to read books they wouldn't otherwise have stuck with - it certainly has me. That was the original aim, not to have a light read, but a serious look at some authors we would otherwise find difficult to get through.  We've read Luther, Owen, Watson, Krummacher and more.  We are just about to start a new title and anyone who wants to join us would be very welcome to get in touch.
Alexander Whyte is probably best known for his series of books on Bible Characters, but Lord, Teach us to Pray is a study of the prayers of various Bible characters and also a look at the subject of prayer itself.  We will be starting this book in a couple of weeks.
The book club is for ladies only and runs via a members only blog so all discussions are private.  Please email if you would like more info.


Marion said...

Would like to join your reading club - would have been happy with all the other authors you mentioned but not so happy with Alexander Whyte. But maybe your next book I may join you.

Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

Hi Marion. It sounds like you have some experience of Alexander Whyte? I'm intrigued - perhaps after this book we won't want to read him again either! Certainly you will be welcome to join us on the next book - if you want to give me your email address I can make sure you get an email when we are ready to start again. Lorna