Monday 27 February 2017

Photography Competition

This is the time of year when we finalise our printing for next year's AV Block Calendar.  The texts have been chosen (a labour of love), typed up and proof read, and these are being printed as we speak. But the pictures for the calendar back need to be chosen ASAP and it is causing us a headache. Someone (can't think who?!) came up with the bright idea of a photography competition to help us choose a suitable picture.  So here goes...

What we need is:
A good quality photo, landscape in shape but not necessarily landscape in content (although landscapes are of course popular).
Preferably UK based.
Something colourful with some detail in the foreground as well as the background.
Something you wouldn't mind looking at all year!

What we don't want:
Dark dreary landscapes.
Cars - at least not modern cars with number plates that can be identified.
Churches - we get complaints about churches, sorry! We are non-conformists after all.

If we pick your picture:
Well Done!
Your name will credited on the calendar
You can take your pick of any book in the shop up to a value of £10
You receive a free calendar when it has been printed.

Here are some examples of pictures we have used in the past...

If you think you have anything we might be interested in please get in touch with .
Our deadline is next Monday 6th March.
We look forward to seeing your pictures!

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