Thursday 27 April 2017

More News of the Sponsored AV Calendars

Here on the right is Duwen Musaka, sitting next to his wife Julia. He is a Zambian pastor and the distributor of our calendars. He has been busy since the second and final box arrived some weeks back, and sent a report after completing his work over Easter. Some extracts from it are given here:-

We thank God for the gift of calendars that our brethren are able to read a scripture daily and be helped to reflect on God. It is a wonderful work and edifying the inner man who is created in the image and after the likeness of Christ. I want extend our thanks to all those who participated in making these calendars available to us and reaching the intended brethren. We thank you for participating in extending the kingdom of God through literature distribution.

Duwen lives in Kabwe, which has a bad reputation as one of the ten most polluted places in the world! It was historically important for lead mining. But here Duwen is active in bringing something that is not tarnished by its environment - the Bible, along with other Christian literature. Our sponsored calendars are an added bonus:-

We had another distribution during Easter. Three of our branch churches gathered in one place to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. They had invited another church to join them. This brought the total number of churches gathered together to four. These are rural churches in central Zambia. We drove for 32 km in a village road to get to this place where they had gathered. After the service on the Lord’s Day, 16th April 2017, all the leaders and pastors gathered to receive the calendars. I took one calendar, assembled it to show them how it is done. I showed them that this is a scriptural calendar is giving us verses to read each day. I encouraged those who read local language Bibles to do the same in their own language. They were very pleased to receive such calendars which could help them read the Word of God daily. Others were asking about Bibles both in English and local languages. It was a joyous moment for them returning home from Easter celebration with a present from the United Kingdom.

On another occasion, four pastors came to Kabwe for a meeting from Keembe and Mukonchi respectively. These are rural areas in Central Province of Zambia. After the meeting, I had time to show them how to assemble the calendars. They were pleased to receive such calendars with scriptures for each day. One of them said, “This is now reading the Bible through to the end of the year."

What a privilege it is to be able to support these people! May the Lord grant his rich blessing upon them as they engage with his Word. 

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