Tuesday 8 August 2017

God's Design

A Bible-believing Christian life can be a difficult one in this day and age.  Persecution in the western world is subtle but intentional.  Children are taught a liberal set of 'British values' in schools and God's good design for family and relationships completely disregarded, in fact actively spoken against throughout the media and society as a whole.  There are many good Christian books recently published on the current hot topics and issues that we face surrounding gender, sexuality and relationships.  I mention just one here as it stands alone in being aimed at younger children.  In the excellent 'Making Him Known' series for children around the ages of 7-12, this particular title 'God's Design' is specifically aimed at teaching younger children about God's good design for men and women.  It begins with God's great and unique creation of men and women and the Biblical differences between them.  We read of man's rebellion against God's design in the garden of Eden and how this has distorted roles and relationships since.  We hear of Jesus the perfect man, and other examples of good men and women in the Bible.  We are taught the necessity of keeping our minds and bodies pure and then of the gifts of marriage, companionship and children.
When children are just too young to be directly taught on homosexuality, transgenderism and gender fluidity this is a really helpful book to use as a starting point for discussing the Biblical differences between men and women and God's plan for families and relationships (whether single or married).  What a wonderful design God's design is!

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