Wednesday 14 November 2018

Therefore I Have Hope

How would you respond if the worst thing you could ever imagine happened? Or are you already living through your worst fears? This book is written by Cameron Cole, a father whose son died suddenly at the age of 3 years. He and his family were immediately plunged into their worst fear. How do you respond to the death of your nearest and dearest? Here Cole writes about the Biblical truths that sustained him throughout this time and continue to form his 'narrative of hope'. Although written from a perspective of bereavement, there is much here to feed the soul of any suffering believer. It is a book full of hope, a hope that can only be truly found in Christ, and this is where Cole directs our attention.  His own story is used to illustrate but not overshadow the Biblical lessons.  He is honest about his failings and open about the lessons learnt. He writes of grace given only as needed, of a desperate clinging to the basic gospel truths, of a faltering faith that cries out in doubt and confusion to a long-suffering and loving God. But he also speaks of the great comforts found in the Scriptures, the peace found in a total dependence on a sovereign God, the empathy found in the God-Man Jesus Christ, and the very real presence of a God who has promised to never forsake his people.
Helpfully, Cole is also very practical about difficult situations that can arise with friends, colleagues and the Church family during suffering times.  He writes of bitterness and sin, but also of service and joy.
My only word of caution is regarding the final chapter on heaven - there is perhaps too much imagination used over the unrevealed details of this glorious place. Regardless of this, there is much in this book to comfort a world-weary soul. The honesty is raw and hard to read at times, but powerful in its testimony to the sustaining grace of our omnipotent God.
Therefore I have hope by Cameron Cole, published by Crossway, £10.99

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