Monday 17 June 2019

AV Calendar Distribution in Zambia

It has been a great relief to us to hear from Duwen Musaka, our contact in Zambia, at last. We were concerned to have some feedback to learn how our AV calendars had been received, on behalf of those who had so generously sponsored them.
Apparently getting the Zambian postal service to freely release the boxes was a marathon in itself for him to begin with, as corruption is so rife.
From then on distribution was made gradually made as he visited various churches in and around Kabwe, where he is based, and also the rural areas further afield. This is in the Copperbelt region of Zambia.

Duwen is a very busy man and his report was delayed, but it is here at last, and this is an extract from it:-

Here are some more accompanying photos of  Duwen handing out the calendars, and some ready recipients:-

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