Wednesday 28 February 2007

CBC 2007 extra

I thought the Christian Booksellers Convention at Telford seemed a little quieter, rather subdued this year. To be fair, we only visited on the Tuesday. However there were some long faces to go along with talk about the depressed UK market, need to tighten belts etc. I felt a little out of step to be saying we had a better year in 2006 than previously. The only drag on us is lack of time to do all we would like to. Must redeem it more effectively. I'll have to dive into the 'Christian Life' section in the Shop and dig something out...
That reminds me that we met Helen Roseveare, signing copies of her books. 'Digging Ditches' is the latest out, but CFP have also brought out new editions of 'Give me this Mountain' and 'He gave us a Valley' 40 years on from first publication. It is amazing to see this little lady and then think of the life she has led, devoted to missionary work in the Congo. I thought the text she penned in the book she signed was such a probing scripture for me to consider - Romans 12 vv 1, 2.

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Anonymous said...

What are you talking about! The Christian Booksellers' Convention was rather busy - we had 6 people on the booth and we were pretty much busy all the time (and we ran out of order forms).
It was great meeting you there and I trust that you had a profitable time - look forward to next year but I hope to visit the store at some time. PS I am adding the books you wanted to the order (Covenant of Grace and 15 Muslim's Pocket Guides)