Thursday 24 May 2007

My Crazy Day

Life at the shop gets a little crazy at times. The building site next door just adds to the chaos (and dust). For those that don't know I'm normally the 'front man' in the shop, I deal with the day-to-day work while Jeremy hides away upstairs doing lots of background work. Actually he hides up there to get away from the madness downstairs - today he even refused to come down for a coffee! This morning I had some of my very willing helpers in which is great when jobs are piling up to mountainous levels. The only thing is that most of the helpers I call on bring with them a few smaller helpers. This morning we had 6 children under the age of 4 running around - it was noisy! (apologies to anyone who rang up this morning). The children just love it, they make the most of the tiny amount of space they have to play in outside and they seem to spend all their time shouting - at each other, at the builders and just about anyone else who happens to be passing. Why do children only have one volume? You may think that in that environment we don't get any work done, but you underestimate the multi-tasking capabilities of 3 energetic mothers!

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't resist commenting on this, as one of the 'energetic mothers' listed! I am inspired to cope with the 'madness' by your ability to juggle 'front of shop' calmness and dedicated mother all at the same time as giving advice to the window-dresser and patiently fielding questions from your trainee assistant! I have a lot to learn!

Your commitment to the shop is obvious - especially when I note the posting time of your 'Crazy Day' entry!!! I pray that your work/ministry will continue to be blessed.