Tuesday 22 May 2007

Just moaning!

The customer is always right - enough said. But because he is a customer does he therefore have the right to take liberties not accepted as polite in normal social circumstances? Some people seem to think that their money spent in the Shop secures a platform for their sermons / diatribes / non-book related questionings, etc. So my ear gets bent, and I have to smile - or do I? It's good for humility anyway. I end today trying not to feel disgruntled, but confessing to not being exactly gruntled either! Perhaps the 'Resources For Changing Lives' series of booklets we have in a splendid display unit could offer something. Although somewhat 'American' (published by P&R) they certainly touch on a range of subjects in small attractive booklets for only £1.75 each. I might need a dose of quite a number of them as the day goes by: Stress, ADD, Anger...

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