Thursday 13 December 2007

Read and Meditate

I'm really pleased that Banner of Truth have produced this book. Not all that they do now is of the quality of earlier days, but this book was a reprint project well worth doing. It is commended in the preface by the Bishop of Durham no less - when that position was held by Handley Moule. 'The Loveliness of Christ' is an apt title for extracts from the letters of Samuel Rutherford. It is diary sized, feels like nubuck (but officially softcover), costs £10 and would be ideal for reading on a train or bus journey. Read and meditate, read further and meditate further, and keep repeating the process - that's the way to go with this book. It feels good to the hand, and its contents are good food for the soul. It is so full of Christ, and he is the pearl of great price to be sought for, in contrast to the frantic consumerism of the Christmas period.
If you want to go further, you could upgrade to the classic collection of Rutherford's letters for an extra £8.50. But this is vastly greater in size, in a large hardback volume edited by Andrew Bonar and also reproduced by Banner last year.

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