Monday 31 December 2007

What Did You Last Read in 2007?

I am gasping for breath, straining to reach the sounds like Eric Liddell's Olympic Gold Medal winning 400m race, but instead it's just me trying to finish this fine book before the year is out!
My chosen Christmas reading would not appeal to anyone who has an aversion to athletics, but for me it has been gripping. The author is clearly an authority on Liddell (had an advisory input into the 'Chariots of Fire' movie) and has himself competed at a relatively advanced level. As a Presbyterian minister he very interestingly handles the question of whether sport can have a place in a Christian's life. The other issue which Liddell's case always raises is regarding the use of the Lord's day. These two matters in themselves are more than enough to handle on a full stomach, surrounded by the noise and debris of this time of year! But the book is otherwise a fairly easy read and has a number of photos in it, so £8.95 is a fair price. It has been adroitly brought out by Evangelical Press on the eve of Olympic year. I hope many people involved in sport will read it and be inspired like Eric Liddell to be first and foremost devoted to the Lord. A good resolution for the New Year.

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