Saturday 21 June 2008

Pocket Puritans

I have to say, I think Banner have hit on a good one here. They have reproduced some puritan writings in bite-size pieces on topical subjects. They are certainly pocket size (13.5cm x 9cm) and perfect for a handbag or pocket - as one customer who was enthusing on 'Anger Management' (Richard Baxter) assured me, hers would always be in her bag to refer to! What Banner have not shouted about is the fact that each booklet also contains a short biographical sketch of the author.

In our musings on these booklets Jeremy and I have been wondering if the need for 'pocket' puritans is a reflection on the reading habits/abilities of people nowadays. Probably when Banner of Truth first brought out their 'Puritan Paperbacks' they were intended as 'bitesize' excerpts to give a reader a flavour of some of the writings of that era. Now there seems to be a need for even smaller bites. However, I believe Banner have accurately identified an area of need and we have had some very positive feedback from customers. Let's hope in their enthusiasm customers will progress to the Puritan Paperbacks and then on to the originals in all their multi-volume glory!

The titles currently available are:
Anger Management - Richard Baxter
Heaven, A World of Love - Jonathan Edwards
Impure Lust - John Flavel
Living Faith - Samuel Ward
£3.25 each

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Anonymous said...

Having read through the book on 'Anger Management' I was totally surprised at the end on reading the details of the author's life and finding he was born in 1615. The reason for my surprise is that the book is so 'modern' and along the same lines as many books written today on this subject, albeit with the added extra of helpful and thought provoking scripture references. It has very practical helps and the kind of book that could, and perhaps should!, be read and re-read.