Friday 13 June 2008

Tobias Crisp Lecture

Dr D N Samuel is to give a lecture on Tobias Crisp DD under the auspices of the Protestant Reformation Society on Saturday 14th June at 2.30pm (tomorrow!) at Brinkworth Parish Church in Wiltshire. It is appropriately titled 'Christ Alone Exalted' because that was the great theme evident in the sermons which have been preserved in his Works. For any who don't know, Crisp (1600-1642) was a Puritan, under whose gospel ministry the Church building was filled to capacity and beyond. On the back of his pulpit seat he had a motto text carved which he would have seen every time he went up into it 'Woe be unto me if I preach not the gospel'. This took place in a quiet, remote (especially in those days) village, far from more famous people/places.
I hope to get down to the event, and will be very interested to see how Dr Samuel handles his subject. The Society have accepted my suggestion of having Crisp's sermons available for any attendees who are interested in further reading. My experience is that they express the worth of Christ and yet the freeness of his salvation. Crisp is good at meticulously removing all perceived obstacles that a sinner feels must surely stand in the way of his acceptance with God.
Books in print by Crisp which we stock are:-

Christ Alone Exalted - a 4 volume paperback edition by Gospel Mission. This is a scanned version of the original Works. £22.95
Christ Alone Exalted - a 1 volume paperback edition by Diggory Press. This has been re-typeset. £24.95
Christ Alone Exalted Series - an edition in 8 booklets by CBO Publications (that's us!). Re-typeset, containing between 3 and 5 sermons each, to comprise the first 33 sermons in his Works. £2.50 each. Bargain.
Christ's Pre-eminence - slim booklet size edition by Zoar Publications (my Dad was part of that 2 man team!). Re-typeset as an edited version of material from 2 of the sermons on Colossians 1:18. £1 each - can you believe it! I might as well give them away.

Brinkworth is on the B4042 near Malmesbury, easily accessible from the M4. A tea is to be served in the village hall afterwards.

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