Tuesday 20 January 2009

A Story Worth Sharing

We were told the following true story by a customer today. A friend of hers sends our AV Block Calendars out to a mission in Zambia. One of these is given to a man who is poor and also cannot read English very well. He has to leave home before it is light to get to work and doesn't get back before dark. Our calendar is perfect for him because he simply tears off the day's text on his way out and then reads and re-reads it during daylight hours when time allows. It is just as much as he can manage. How wonderfully God works to supply his people's needs! And it gives us such heart to continue to produce the calendar if He chooses to use it in this way. The texts for 2010 are being finalised as I write. May God bless them to the glory of His name and the good of many at home and overseas.

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