Wednesday 11 February 2009

Gospel Standard DVD

This is a valuable resource. The Gospel Standard (GS) is one of the oldest 'living' monthly magazines in existence, and on this DVD is every one going back to the beginning in 1835, so there is much here for the historian. The development of a Strict Baptist denomination is discernable in the tone and style of the editorials. This DVD also gives the capability to enable the theological student to pursue doctrinal themes of interest, and to examine primary sources rather than relying on hearsay. It is particularly good to see some of the older, rarer magazines reproduced in a searchable pdf format. When the GS magazine first appeared it was also entitled 'The Feeble Christian's Support'. That experiential (or experimental) aspect has always been a hallmark, so much timeless material can still be read and appreciated by those who simply want to feed on the doctrines of sovereign grace today.
Its appearance is one of the best things the GS Trust could have undertaken to do. It fills a big gap, but costs £35, although this is very comparable to AGES software productions for example.

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