Wednesday 25 February 2009

History Lives

The blurb on the back of this book reads... 'Let history come to life - just the way it should do', and I think it certainly fulfills that. Intended for 9-14 yr olds, I have been reading this to my 5 yr old and he has been enthralled. 'Peril and Peace - Chronicles of the Ancient Church' is fictionalised Church History. It begins right back at the Apostle Paul and his shipwreck on the island of Malta. Although some readers may be slightly uncomfortable with fictionalisation of a Bible passage, it moves quickly on to Polycarp, Augustine and many other 'greats' in the history of the ancient Church. The biographical chapters are interspersed with shorter chapters outlining other issues pertinent to those times. With timelines, maps and bibliography this is a great resource for children and should certainly drum up some enthusiasm for a subject that is often seen as dry and 'boring'.
'Peril and Peace' is just the first book in the History Lives series. The fifth has recently been published and brings us right up to the present time.
Peril and Peace - Chronicles of the Ancient Church
Monks and Mystics - Chronicles of the Medieval Church
Courage and Conviction - Chronicles of the Reformation Church
Hearts and Hands - Chronicles of the Awakening Church
Rescue and Redeem - Chronicles of the Modern Church 1860 AD - Tomorrow.
Each by Mindy and Brandon Withrow, £5.99
Highly Recommended!

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