Tuesday 28 July 2009

Wong Ming-Dao

What a remarkable character! I've just finished reading his autobiography 'A Stone Made Smooth' which tells the story of the first 50 years of his life. He didn't have an easy childhood - his father committed suicide shortly before he was born, leaving a family struggling with poverty. He was converted at the young age of 14 but walked a rocky spiritual path before coming to a more settled doctrinal position. Once he began preaching he proved to be a powerful but uncompromising teacher, and therefore gained for himself many enemies...
"Why did I encounter opposition? Apart from the fact that I rebuked prevalent sins both in the world and in the church, and that I opposed not only false prophets but also the apostate teachings of modernist, there was another reason. It was that I opposed all traditions in the church that did not harmonize with Scripture. There are some believers who regard these traditions as equal authority to the Scriptures... I cared not about how many truths some preachers had uprooted from the Bible, nor how many traditions had been added by others, whatever I found in the Bible I accepted - no less and no more. It was not surprising therefore that certain believers both misunderstood me and opposed me."
He has much to say to those in Church leadership positions, but also speaks of day to day difficulties in walking the Christian life. I found him at times to sound harsh and unloving, but I suspect that some warmth is lost in translation. Overall, a fascinating read, but I would like to know more about his subsequent imprisonment which lasted 23 years and his continued ministry in Peking after his release at nearly 80 years of age.
A Stone Made Smooth by Wong Ming-Dao, published by Berean, £5.95

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