Tuesday 4 August 2009


Truth for Today Publications (TFT) of Forest City, North Carolina, USA did the Christian public a great service back in 1997. They republished 'Hold-Fast!' in a nice slim hardback edition. It originally came out in 1909, written by John E Hazelton. It's aim was to sketch out in a simple way the continuity through the centuries since the New Testament church the way in which the Apostolic faith has been maintained by God. It gives little cameos of particular individuals who were instruments in God's hand for perpetuating the truth. The author is not so much concerned with denominations as with doctrine. He gives most space to matters in England from the Reformation onwards.
This is such a unique and valuable book that I am concerned to keep it on my shelves. However I have only got one copy left in the Shop. All my attempts to contact TFT have been fruitless: I wonder in fact whether they are still operating. So this post ends with an appeal. Does anybody out there know what is going on with TFT, or failing that, do they know of any stock of 'Hold-Fast!' available for purchase?? I will be most grateful for any help.

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