Monday 30 November 2009

Found it...

... the spare half hour that is. Actually I squeezed in a whole 1.5 hours on Saturday evening before the ironing board beckoned. Unfortunately though, I still haven't managed to prise 'Who Made God' from Jeremy's hands. He thinks he can pacify me by occasionally reading aloud a few paragraphs out of it, but I'm afraid that doesn't suffice. The book I picked up was 'Anne Boleyn' in the Day One 'History Today' series. My interest in reading more about Anne Boleyn was sparked by reading 'Coronation of Glory', which is an award winning novel of the life of Lady Jane Grey by Deborah Meroff and a thoroughly gripping read. Anne Boleyn was the 2nd wife of Henry VIII and was unjustly executed for treason just 3 years after coming to the throne. Both books show just how complex this Tudor period of history is, not just politically but religiously. The twists and turns of the evangelical 'new learning' as it increased in prominence against a backdrop of Catholicism was due in part to the encouragement of people like Anne Boleyn. Encouragement of reformers like Cranmer, Bilney and Latimer, encouragement of the smuggling of Tyndale's New Testaments and even the gentle persuasion of the King of England to soften his view towards the Reformation (which after her death swung back to Catholicism again). It is challenging to read about the deaths of many who would not renounce their new found faith in the true and living God. This little book about Anne Boleyn gives a helpful insight into the beginnings of the Reformation in this country and the instrumental role someone in such a high position was able to play in the advancement of the Gospel.
Anne Boleyn by Colin Hamer, published by Day One, £7

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