Saturday 12 December 2009

The customer is always right... right?

Christmas... those that know me will know I'm not the world's greatest fan, but when you're in the retail world, you have to do it... or do you? Some customers expect it, some don't. Last year, we had a telling off from a customer because we didn't have any 'religious' Christmas cards in the shop. By religious I gather she meant nativity style ones. All our cards have Scripture texts, but it has to be admitted I prefer not to have nativity scenes around. However, bearing in mind this customer's comments when I made my Christmas orders this year I included a few tasteful 'Eastern scene' styles, i.e. wise men on camels, Bethlehem skyline etc etc. So, I thought that should be another happy customer. Well, just this week we have had another ticking off (there are some pretty bossy customers around!) This time Jeremy was discussing with a customer a particular title they wanted sourcing and helpfully (or so he thought) asked...' would you like the book in time for Christmas?' 'I certainly won't be celebrating that pagan festival' came the indignant reply with full reasoned arguments for why not listed in great detail before Jeremy could get a word in edgeways!
Hum, sometimes I wonder... the customer is always right... right?
Season's Greetings!
By the way, if you do want books in time for the 25th December our courier will be delivering right up until 24th.

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Ken Summerlin said...

As someone who spent 13 years in Christian retail, I learned that any hope of pleasing every customer if futile. Christian retail is a great but sometimes exasperating calling. Thanks for all you do!