Wednesday 16 December 2009

Blow your Mind this Christmas!

This book really is a fantastic effort to communicate science, and how it backs up belief in God, despite the attempts of Richard Dawkins and crew to rubbish religion. I have read many popular level books on scientific topics, both from christian and non-christian authors in my time, but this is top notch! Edgar Andrews takes on the 'new atheists' and compares creeds by the scientific method across a wide spectrum of enquiry. He uses only the biblical God as his starting point, and demonstrates that observed fact fits his 'hypothesis' far more convincingly than any alternative. Fascinating facts and details are packed in like raisins in a Christmas cake. It is an excellent apologetics tool, but also a book to stir the soul as well as the mind towards our great and sovereign Creator. Certainly a good 'braintraining' work out to compensate for the excesses of the festive season! But don't equate challenging with tiresome. The 'busy mother of four' listed among the credits on the back cover found she could 'quite easily' grasp the concepts involved and intends it for 'the coffee table' when friends come round. I admire that woman. In my opinion as a lesser mortal there are some frankly tricky bits, but Andrews handles them as deftly and lightly as could be hoped for. After all some things will always remain difficult however clearly explained eg. quantum physics.
One point I would like to gauge other people's views on in the creation science fraternity is Professor Andrews opinion of the Big Bang. Read chapter seven and then come back to me. If you haven't got a copy of the book, buy one from me, then read chapter seven and come back to me! Is it the consensus among 'Special Creationists', if I may use the term, that there is no incompatibilty between Big Bang theory and Genesis chapter one? I just felt that maybe a version of the Gap theory was being employed at this point.
Overall a great Christmas present option at only £9.95 for a hardback with dust jacket.


rodlea said...

An excellent book although I would agree that the mother of four must be some kind of genius if she found it "easy to follow" In response to chapter seven, the big bang theory is explained very well but I feel you would have to read his book "From nothing to nature" to fully understand if he is ascribing to a Gap theory because in previous comments he would appear to refute this.

Christian Bookshop Ossett said...

It's interesting that 30 years ago in 'From Nothing to Nature' Prof Andrews was being much more circumspect. Then he described different views of how special creationists believe Genesis 1 actually 'worked' but didn't seem to heavily push any one of them. Now he doesn't give time for any other view but this one that he has taken on board. I recognise he shows some general scepticism for the great periods of time demanded by evolutionists in other parts of the book. But if no 'Gap theory' then does he have a personalised (shortened) Big Bang theory? If so he doesn't mention it.