Monday 25 January 2010

Last Week of January Promotion

You may be forgiven for not knowing we even had a January promo. I confess with shame that it is nowhere to be seen on our website! A clue to the reason for this omission is at the top of the home page. Lorna has put out a message that the winds of change are blowing and she is in the midst of the tornado, ie. our new website is less than a month from completion (subject to the Lord's will, as we have always proved on projects past). Anyway too much time is needed on this to allow for full updating of the existing site - hence the missing January promotion. Of course if you have already given permission you will have received the promotion by email in the January bulletin. Something to consider if you haven't already signed up - just drop an email with 'subscribe' in the subject line and Bob's your uncle.
On to the promotion itself. We are trying to encourage reading from the section we describe as Biblical Studies. This covers commentaries and sermons, as well as Bible guides and reference books. In other words, serious stuff from past and present, for which a blanket 15% discount applies.
Then, within this section, books from some accessible commentary series are available at 25% discount. These are Day One's 'Opening Up' and 'Exploring the Bible' series, which are aimed at giving brief overviews and introductions to Bible books. Also Banner of Truth's 'Let's Study' series which are more in depth and focus on the New Testament books. Some excellent material here and now just one week to come and get it. Sorry I forgot to tell you earlier.

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