Friday 22 January 2010

Who Made That Poster?

Back to 'Who Made God' by Edgar Andrews. EP Books, as they like to be known, are due to begin an advertising campaign placing large posters at mainline railway stations. This is quite a new and exciting venture for a christian book and credit is due to them for a bold attempt to place the book in front of the 'man in the street' and not confining themselves to the converted. But when these posters are unveiled on 1st February you will be loudly informed on them to buy the book from There is no mention of any other outlet. But why not? I say, don't buy it from Amazon!! Support your local Christian Bookshop or else at least order from a christian on-line retailer. Why boost Amazon's profits? Like a giant anaconda they will eventually squeeze the life out of their competitors and we will all be the poorer for it. If you do want to make a christian statement then go into a major high street bookshop and ask for this book, but don't get it from Amazon. It just confirms people in the mentality that Amazon are the place to go for everything. A one stop shop. Yes, the book is listed at a serious discount (20% off RRP of £9.95 when I checked). I feel strongly enough about this to be prepared to offer it at the same price as Amazon to anyone who sees this blog so as to provide a serious alternative in terms of price and service.


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Anonymous said...

Pleased to say that EP have acknowledged their mistake and apologised for it: see David Woollin's comment on my post A Polite Request to Christian (and other) Publishers: Please don’t do this