Wednesday 24 March 2010

Filling a gap

I think this new book from Catherine Mackenzie fills a gap for children. Aimed at 8-12yr olds it presents the evidence for Christ's death and resurrection in an investigative style. The book is quite 'interactive' - it directs the reader to look up different sections of the book at different points in the investigation, whether it be a fact file, a Bible introduction or a short quiz to illustrate a point. I suspect this style would especially be enjoyed by boys. Almost like a John Blanchard book for children, it is full of facts and easy to read. Catherine Mackenzie also makes it clear that true belief in the reality of the death and resurrection of Christ comes only through faith given by God.
I have to admit, that I was initially unsure of the book (never judge a book by its cover - you would think I should know that by now!), but having read it I think the contents are more seriously treated than the cover and illustrations give the impression of. It is different to anything else on the market for children on the Easter subject, and would certainly answer a lot of the 'whys' that children of this age are likely to ask.
Jesus Rose From the Dead - The Evidence, by Catherine Mackenzie, £4.99, published by Christian Focus Publications.

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