Saturday 12 June 2010

Ossett Chapel Anniversary Service

Our little garden at the chapel may be small, but as you can see it's got a beautiful silver pear tree in the midst of it. No, it's not Eden - although the old serpent is still on the attack! But there is another tree I think of - the tree of life, sustained by the river of water of life, and fruitful (Revelation 22:2). May the church meeting in the chapel next door be just like it, supplied with grace to reflect God's praise. Certainly we have much to thank him for after another year, as well as much to still seek him for. You are welcome to join our little gathering for our anniversary service at 3pm next Saturday, 19th June, when our pastor Norman Roe will preach, God willing. A tea will be provided afterwards, and of course the bookshop will be open beforehand.

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