Tuesday 15 June 2010

Reading Together

Those of you who receive our monthly bulletins will be aware of our plans to set up a reading club.  This is now up and running - we have a new blog called 'Reading Together' which is limited to subscribed members only.  Initially the club is also limited only to ladies - sorry chaps.  This is essentially because I am facilitating it and not Jeremy.  If our gentlemen customers would be interested in joining a reading club they need to pester Jeremy and he may be persuaded to set one up. 
The first book we have chosen to read together is 'The Great Gain of Godliness' by Thomas Watson in the Puritan Paperback series.  This is subtitled 'practical notes on Malachi 3:16-18'.  The aim is to read a planned portion of the book over a 2 week period and make comments and discussion points on the blog.  Our vision is that this will encourage a discipline of regular reading of books at a higher level than 'easy-reading', at the same time as being supportive and edifying to each involved. Another plus is that you get a discount on the book being read if you buy it from us! 
I for one am excited to be getting going on my copy of the book and am hoping that lots of you will join us (first come, first served - the blog is limited to 100 members!).
Drop me a line if you want to know more,

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