Saturday 24 July 2010

Gospel Invitations

I have recently read a little booklet by Daniel Whitaker (1800's) on the subject of the Nature and Design of Gospel Invitations.  It is well worth reading and clearly distinguishes between the errors that are so widely preached in many churches and the truly biblical Gospel Invitation.  The following quote is taken from his concluding comments...
"When men attempt to set forth the invitations of the gospel, of a spiritual nature, in an indefinite, unlimited manner; there is such an uncertainty in the sound, that the poor, needy and disconsolate sinner, for whose sake they are designed; knows not what is piped, or what is harped.  Therefore, while such men attempt to encourage all, they in reality encourage none; but only discourage the real character, for whom they are intended; namely, the hungry, and the thirsty, the labouring, and the heavy-laden.
But when they are set forth, as they really are in the gospel, in a definite way, the character being described, the blessings pointed out, and their freeness shown; then the mind and will of the Lord is clearly manifested; as in the following invitation: 'Come unto me, all ye that are heavy laden: and I will give you rest' (Matt 11:28).  Here the love of Christ is set forth to the persons invited; and his readiness to receive and entertain them, and bestow his blessings needed by and promised to them; for he means them to come and enjoy the blessing; it being his delight to give it to them."
I would love to quote more, he seems to hit the nail on the head so many times!
The booklet is published by Huntingtonian Press, a small publisher specialising in experimental high calvinist literature click here for their full list of publications.
The Nature and Design of Gospel Invitations by Daniel Whitaker, published by Huntingtonian Press, £2.20

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